How To Lose Belly Fat Fast!

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast! 7 Not So Obvious Ways To Lose Belly Fat Forever!
Fruit infused water, fruit infused water bottle, sports water bottle,

7 Quick Tips To Lose Dangerous Belly Fat Fast!

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast!

7 Not So Obvious Ways To Lose Belly Fat Forever!


Fruit infused water, fruit infused water bottle, sports water bottle,

Want a Sexy Flat Lower Belly? Models are always making sure they are able to lose belly fat fast. It’s easier than you think! Read more…

Having belly fat can have serious consequences on your health. There are approximately 300,000 deaths each year resulting from health conditions that come from being overweight and having too much belly fat. Hazards include sleep disorders, low self-esteem, risks of heart failure and strokes not to mention chronic fatigue, which is as a result of the heart struggling to pump blood and oxygen to a larger body mass. It is surprising that will all the diet information available; people are still seeking ways to lose belly fat. Most of us know the main things to do, like eating right and exercising, but how can you lose belly fat forever? What other ways are there? Here are a few ways you may not have thought of.


 1. Be Aware!


Fruit Infuser water bottle, sports water bottle, fruit water.

Being aware of your current measurements is important to get started so you can measure your progress. Learn how to low belly fat faster. Read on…


In almost all the scenarios, having excess belly fat is also a consequence of being overweight. The condition of being overweight can be termed as nutritionists and experts recommend having excess fat accumulation in the body, which in turn drives the BMI, or body mass index to become higher than. Dividing height and weight and then squaring the result calculate BMI. A BMI of 29-25 is considered overweight and should trigger one to begin to take measures to cut the excess fat.


 2. Heal Your Gut

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Losing belly fat is easier when you address your gut health. Read how do do it.

Many people are surprised to learn that your health begins in your gut, otherwise known as your intestines. This is where you have both good and bad bacterial that helps keep you healthy and to digest food in an effective way. If you have more bad bacteria than good, you will have a hard time losing belly fat. A good way to begin to heal your gut is by eating more green vegetables and fruit. About 5-7 servings together is a great amount to start. Also, it is recommended by doctors to take probiotics. Probiotics are found in yogurt and also in pill form. Taking this everyday will help you burn more belly fat. Most people don’t like to eat yogurt (too much sugar) or to swallow pills. You can try a tea by Victoria’s Best. Before one can eat right, one has to become educated as to what proper diet means. Thanks to the food pyramid website run by the USFDA, there is a wealth of information online as to how to structure your diet to meet the challenges of losing weight.


 3. Build More Muscle

Fruit Infused water, fruit infuser water bottle, sports water bottle

Strength training builds lean muscle that helps you burn belly fat faster then just dieting. Learn more…

We all know increasing your activity and exercise helps decrease belly fat, but most people choose to do cardio like walking, as their main source of activity. Walking is great and it burns calories, but it is muscle that will burn the most. In fact, too much cardio can burn your muscle instead of belly fat. The best way to keep your muscle or to increase it is through strength training. You can go to the gym and use the equipment for your arms, shoulders, legs and abdominals. You can also use free-weights with the help of a trainer. Youtube is a great source to get strength training workout ideas. It is recommended to do strength training 3-4 times per week. You will be surprised at how fast you whittle down your love handles! 3. Heal Your Gut

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Tired of that muffin top around your waist? Here’s some great tips to help you get slim and more

4. Get Quality Sleep


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No sleep = fat belly. You must get at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night for a fat-free tummy. There’s more you can do. Read more.

If you are not getting healthy sleep at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night you will find you have a belly fat issue. Many people are discovering they have a condition called sleep apnea. It is a condition where their heart stops due to lack of oxygen during sleep. The lack of oxygen is caused by a block airway that when the body is relaxed, the airway gets blocked. Usually it happens with people who are any where from 5-105 pounds over weight. How you can prevent sleep apnea is to lose weight. But it is a catch 22. You can’t lose weight unless you address the sleep problem. Talk to your health car professional to find out if you have a sleep disorder preventing you from losing weight. They will know what you will need to do to take action.

5. Eat Healthy Fat To Lose Belly Fat

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Eating the right fats help you lose your belly fat fast. Read why…

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Tired of tugging on your clothes? Here’s some great tips to help you get slim and more

For many years health professionals thought eating less fat helped reduce body fat. But, truth is eating healthy fat helps lose fat. How is this so? It is because our body’s cells need fat to help metabolize energy. Healthy fat is part of a healthy body cell, so when adding healthy fats to our diet like omega 3 fatty acids from oily fish like salmon, studies have shown that eating a healthy diet rich in fatty omegas help people lose more fat, especially belly fat. So, eat healthy fat like olive oil and  coconut oil.


6. Wear Pants More Often


Fruit infuser water bottle, sports water bottle

Wearing tight pants helps you not over eat. In addition to they are so hard to get on when you overeat and your best friend is helping you LOL…

Have you noticed that if you wear elastic pants including workout pants, it is easy to gain up to 10-20 pounds with no problem? But, if you wear tailored pants with a zipper, you can’t gain more than about 5 pounds before they fit so tight you need your friend to help you put them on! Wearing zippered pants 5 times per week will make sure you stay true to lose weight especially belly fat weight.

7. Make Your Water Skinny

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Fruit in your water has never been easier. Read how this helps eliminate belly fat fast!

One excellent diet that is overlooked is water. Avoiding high calorie drinks such as sodas and instead getting into the habit of drinking lots of water is very helpful in the battle against obesity.

Health professionals are always telling us to eat more fruits and vegetables. Not only do they help you lose weight, but they have energizing nutrients called enzymes that help your body digest food easier, help you stay healthier longer and help you to lose weight easier and look younger. The best way to add fruit enzymes without all the extra calories is by adding fruit to your water. Fruit infused water is amazing! It helps you lose fat easier, helps curb appetite, and helps burn belly fat faster.  We highly recommend Victoria’s Best Water Infused Water Bottle to your healthy regime.

Fruit infused water bottle, sports water bottle

You can’t take your belly fat food with you every where, but you CAN take your belly fat blast water with you with this totally awesome water bottle.

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Too much muffin top around your waist? Here’s some great tips to help you get slim and more

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