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Dual Waist Trainer

Waist Training CorsetThis State of the art new technology that is unmatched. You get immediate slimming and over time with a healthy diet and ab flattening exercises, it reshapes your midsection. It is a double slimming waist training system.

Phase 1 is a stealth slimmer that slims and trims your entire torso.

Phase 2 is the waist training cincher corset that reshapes and trains your waist to be smaller, tighter and tummy to be flatter.

This is the first system of it’s kind. It is a two-part process that totally redesigns your midsection. You can wear one or both.

*They are made to be worn together or separate.

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Product Features:
Extreme Two Part Slimming System

Phase 1 – Stealth Waist Slimmer
1. Slims your entire midsection while helping posture
2. Reinforced front panel for sculpting and flattening
3. Undectable stealth slimming- reinforced Front Panel
4. Smooth back rolls and hides love handles
5. Made with comfy non-irritating Weave technology

Phase 2 – Sexy Waist Training Cincher Corset
1. Sexy, safe, breathable, healthy no bacteria design
2. Flexible and comfortable 3 hook sturdy elastic shaping design
3. Amazing shaping technology that retrains your waist to be tighter & smaller
4. Superb quality that gives you hourglass figure made from
5. Fun to wear anytime, anywhere: gym, date, work, sleep, run, workout, Zumba, crossfit, cheer & dance.

This system was created by Celebrity Trainer, Diet Diva and Best Selling Fitness Author, Fitness & Dance DVD Video Star With over ten Million sold! Victoria Johnson. Her clients use them and have seen astounding results.

Victoria wears one every day.

NOTE BEFORE ORDERING: Please use the size chart in the photo section. Please measure yourself before ordering , don’t use amazon size chart.

Designed to be used With Extreme Slimming Anti Cellulite Gel.

Hand wash with no bleach.

  • Two Piece Non-Latex System Slims your entire midsection while helping posture. Can be worn together or separate. You deicide, Some days you want to wear both, other days, you may just want to wear one. You may want to sleep in both or just one. It’s a new mix and/or match system. Some days you are bloated and need more support, other days, your stomach may feel tight and you may want less. It’s perfect. You decide!
  • Reinforced front panel for sculpting and flattening. Made with comfy non-irritating Weave technology
  • Smooth back rolls and hides love handles. Look 10 pounds lighter, smaller and make ugly bulges disappear like magic, order your Invisible Tummy Trimmer today
  • Comfortable yet strong elastic technology design that allows your body to breath while your waist is training. Undectable stealth slimming- reinforced Front Panel
  • Comes with FREE $29.00 e-book to guide you through the process of wearing and using your new body shaping miracle!

five-starsThis waiste cincher is amazing and super comfortable to wear
This waiste cincher is amazing and super comfortable to wear. I have lost several inches with its help. Absolutely love. *
By Jessica Kiltau on January 22, 2016

five-stars… so I tried wearing just the shaper and I liked how my body looked but after I took t …
So I’ve have this waiste clinger for about 5 months and it says the shaper can be worn by its self or with the waist clincher and so I tried wearing just the shaper and I liked how my body looked but after I took t off I noticed the black color had completely discolored my white tank top and it’s now ruins so I wouldn’t advise wearing the shaper alone other than that I do love it and am getting ready to buy a smaller size *
By Amazon Customer on February 23, 2016
Verified Purchase

five-starsIt Really is the Best Waist Trainer!
I’m in love with my new Best Skinny Waist Trainer!!! First, I’ve tried so many and I have a collection of different types of waist shaping and training corsets. All of them I had a problem with. They were either too tight and bulkly and I couldn’t wear them under my clothes very well (you could see that I was wearing a shaper) or they were so uncomfortable to the point of pain! But with this cincher, it’s not like that at all. It’s is very very comfortable yet you know its working becasue it provides just the right amount of shaping without the pain. It shapes in a safe way so that reshaping of the ribcage is a postive yet gentle process. I have not gone a day without wearing it since my purchase because it’s just that comfortable. The Waist Training Guide is fantastic, it explains how to use the trainer, give tips on a good diet and safety tips and things I had no idea about. It’s not like all the other you see. It may look the same but it’s NOT!! I am into fitness and the trainer is sturdy (I even wear it working out!). I like the bacteria free fabric, it’s easy to wash and dries fast for quick use. I’ve only had it for a short time and I will update my use. *
By Dawn Camille Tirzah on February 5, 2016

five-starsReally great material, super flexible
Really great material , super flexible , you can wirkout with it and do faily routine with it , still looks the same afterwards but only rayed it 4 because i didnt get the ebook or a manual with it !
and i think im gona exchange for a smaller one cuz i want it to be tucked more and im already on the second row so if i lost some inches and weight i have to go for a 4th row maybe but they only have 3 rows *
By Rayan Alaaeddine on March 2, 2016

five-starsBreathable material
The mesh is comfortable and the double layer is helpful to get you started. *
ByShubs2on April 12, 2016
Verified Purchase

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