Vitamin C Eye Gel

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Vitamin C Eye Gel

vitamin-c-eye-gelVitamin C Eye Renewal Gel Maximum Collagen & Elastin Serum

RENEWAL VITAMIN C EYE GEL Is A Nature-Packed Complete Eye Rejuvenation Godsend.

Vitamin C Eye Renewal Gel
Maximum Collagen & Elastin Serum

Our Vitamin C Eye Gel is formulated with anti-aging and skin brightening ingredients to fight puffiness, sagging skin, stubborn dark under eye circles, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

This formulation is designed to help skin appearance and restructure over time. Think how amazing you can look if you start today. Everything takes time and time passes, so how great would it be to look better over time?

vitmain-c-eye-renewal-gelThat is our philosophy at Victoria’s Skin Tight Naturals. Our models and professionals want to work as long as possible, so we create professional grade products that help them and YOU do just that…look better over time!

  •  Helps revitalize, smooth, soothe and refresh the look of your eye area
  • Helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and reduce puffiness
  • Is oil free and easy to apply and is highly concentrated.  So you only need a dab on your index finger.

Do not pull or tug on your eye skin. Gently pat and allow your body’s heat to help infuse into the cells as you dab gently.

Comes in a Convenient 15 ml Airless Pump

Suggested Use: Apply a small amount of the eye gel onto your finger, then gently massage around the eye area. Use daily in the morning after cleansing under your Retinol moisturizer.

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  • RENEWAL VITAMIN C EYE GEL is a nature-packed complete eye rejuvenation godsend. It is formulated with anti-aging, skin restoring, bag attacking and skin brightening ingredients that work around the clock to combat unsightly puffiness, restructure and tighten sagging skin, repair stubborn dark under eye circles, smooth out wrinkles and soften crow’s feet.
  • POWER OF PEPTIDES Research shows the regenerative and renewal power of peptides is unmatched and we know that so this complete formulation is supercharged with Tetrapeptide-5. It is a key ingredient for us. It enhances microcirculation and improves the vascular system and improve skin strength. Overnight your eyelids can get puffy due to water accumulation under your eyes. This peptide promotes lymphatic circulation that promotes relief of the puffiness and bags.
  • NATURE’S MAGIC GARDEN is ideal for natural skin regeneration without harsh chemicals. Everything you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream. Our formula is like using a beautiful garden to help you get even more beautiful skin. let’s not forget that cucumbers are nature’s gift to under eye puffiness, so we had to include it in this formula.
  • RENEW, RESTORE, REJUVENATE: EYES ARE SOUL’S WINDOW: You are amazing so you want to present your best story possible to the world and your eyes can show wear and tear if not treated with love and care. We love how this formula helps rejuvenate and restore your happy side by bringing forth soft, smooth, bright eyes. Start using the formula and then establish a regular routine so that you give your skin a chance to renew and then improve and then reverse the aging process.
  • THERE’S ALSO GREEN TEA – it’s an amazing antioxidant known for its ability to fight aging, improve skin tone, reduce puffiness and help restore sagging skin. It also has Aloe Vera, Licorice, Eyebright and high-grade Fruit Acid of Vitamin C!



alchemy-seriesVictoria’s Skin Tight Natural’s Alchemy Series draws its inspiration straight from the origins of ancient science. Alchemy connotes a discipline that is equal parts DIY craft and scientific salon and dermatologist methods. Exchange a medieval castle for your own bathroom or kitchen, a combination of high-grade made for you beautiful bottle for a crusted over an iron bowl of eccentric elements gathered in the forest or bartered from the local wizard or market. And trade a futuristic facial device and sea elements for wooden dowels and you are emulating the alchemists of the ages.

You mix and match serums, moisturizers, clarifying, brightening, firming and sculpting lotions to craft the most effective lotions and combinations to help you get baby soft, clear, beautiful dreamy skin.

New products are always being added as we discover more skin refining technology.  When it comes to your skin and body, we don’t mess around with fillers, fluffy stuff that has no purpose but to drive up the cost. We believe in being active and living life with total joy and beauty. No sidelining! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs a workout and the best nutrients to be healthy! You are the alchemist of your mind, body, and skin! Use the best, do the best so you can live the best life possible!

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