10 tips To Grow Hair Faster A Thicker!

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair and Longer Lashes
Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

 10 tips To Grow Hair Faster And Thicker!

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

Are you experiencing hair loss? Does it seem your hair takes forever to grow? Find out how you can grow your hair faster and thicker. Read on…

Have you always wanted to be a modern day Rapunzel, but your hair won’t seem to grow due to hair loss? Don’t fret! You don’t need to seek an enchantress! All you need to do is make a few minor changes like a nutrition switch-up, a badass hair-care routine, and a few lifestyle changes and voila! You’ll look like you were born with amazingly, gorgeous longhair. To grow your hair faster and thicker you must eliminate the culprits: things that cause dry, thin, and weak hair. Adapting these simple hair loss solutions for healthy sexy hair, will not only help to grow your hair faster and thicker, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of these hair loss solutions sooner!

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

Check out these amazing solutions! Read more…

1. Problem: Your hair grows too slow!

Solution: Start from the inside out! Do a ‘This For That!”

In order to grow luscious, beautiful long hair you need to make sure you are getting enough nutrients in your diet. There isn’t’ enough hair care products in the world that will change your hair, unless you change on the inside. Do a diet ‘this for that’. Go through your fridge and cupboards and get rid of foods that have zero nutritional value. That will be easy to identify; if you can’t pronounce the ingredients throw it out. Fill your fridge with hair growing foods such as, lean proteins like beef, chicken, and fish. Your hair needs protein. Add to your cupboard protein supplements like whey and plant protein powders. With supplements powders you can create various nutritional beverages that can not only help you grow amazing hair, but will help you keep fit too. Your hair also needs healthy fats. Getting enough fat in your diet is critical for not only keeping a healthy weight, but for shiny, vibrant looking hair. Get healthy fats from avocado, coconut and olive oil. Trade processed protein bars for simple nuts like almonds, cashews, and pistachios. Nuts provide healthy fats and carbs providing energy along with keeping you full until your next meal.


Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

2. Problem: Your hair is dry.

Solution: Shampoo less, condition more.

Over shampooing can hinder hair growth by Over shampooing your hair can create dryness resulting in split ends and breakage. Shampooing every day isn’t really necessary. For most, shampooing 2-3 times per week is all that is necessary for most, not matter what kind of hair you have. If you workout daily, washing 2-3 times per week still works. What many find helpful and what will make your hair grow faster, is to condition instead of washing your hair. First, rise your hair in the shower with warm water. This will get rid of any excess dirt and toxins from the environment and from working out. Then, condition as usual. You will find that you hair will feel and look amazing. For those who have extremely dry hair and you only wash once per week, condition in-between and you will notice the same results; beautiful, bouncy, shiny, healthy hair.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

 3. Problem: Your hair has split ends.

Solution: Limit Chemical Processing But Keep It Sexy

There are several causes for split ends, which include; over processing your hair through perms, strengtheners, and hair coloring. Slit ends result in over dryness at the ends of your hair resulting in the need trim them constantly. Though trimming your hair is helpful to stimulate hair to grow, split ends cause you to have to trim your hair more frequently preventing you from attaining longer hair. Reduce the amount of hair care possessing to 1 or 2 processes at the most. Make sure you use high quality products if doing DIY, or us a practitioner that understand your goals and will apply appreciate products.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

4. Problem: Your hair tangles especially during sleep.

Solution: Create a nighttime hair ritual.

Most people sleep with their hair all over the place. This total y hair freedom is really like jail time if you wake up with tangles you have to comb out which can cause breakage. Try putting your hair up in a ponytail with a scrunchie or wrapping it in a head turban. Braiding your hair is another option. Keeping your hair controlled while sleeping will make morning styling easier and will result in less hair loss.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

5. Problem: You are experiencing hair loss.

Solution: Check your stress and chill.

There isn’t anyone who isn’t stressed in today’s society. Yet, for some, stress can cause hair loss. If you are noticing excessive hair loss, it’s time to visit your doctor. They will check your hormones to see if there can be a hormonal cause. In addition, work on reducing your stress by adapting stress management strategies. Daily meditation works for many people, exercise, journaling, yoga, and more. Never let stress rule your life. Be proactive.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

6. Problem: You have dandruff

Solution: Create a Healthy Scalp

Don’t you hate flaky dandruff? It seems to ruin everything especially your ability to grow your hair. Dandruff is a sign of an unhealthy scalp or your skin’s response to chemical treatments. Perms, relaxers, certain hair products could be the culprit. Start with your diet first as mentioned earlier. Make sure you are getting enough omega 3s in your diet and if not, take a fish oil supplement. Stay way from products that have a lot of alcohol in them or better yet, opt for hair styling treatments that are organic or use natural ingredients. Create a healthy scalp inside and out.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

7. Problem: Your hair is frizzy

Solution: Drink more water.


Lack of water causes dehydration, but very few people know that dehydration can also attribute to frizzy hair. Of course humidity can cause your hair to go on the frizz, but outside of environmental causes, making sure you are hydrated will do a couple of things. One, it will help you flush toxins from your body. Second, your hair will be hydrated thus no need to seek moister from the outside world. Your body needs at least 64 ounces of H20 each day to attain adequate hydration. Of course this amount varies per person and you will need more on the days you workout. Make it a point to get enough water daily. Your body and your hair will thank you.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair 

8. Problem: Your hair is super thin.

Solution: Take a holistic hair approach.


The thickness or thinness of a person’s hair is genetic, however, there are several things you can do to create more volume. Get a style that makes your hair look thicker. Use less heat on your hair, which can thin it out and cause breakage. Make sure you’re eating healthy and make it a point not to use products that weigh your hair down. Check with your doctor to rule out hormonal issues, and make sure your stress is controlled as mentioned earlier.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

9. Problem: Your hair is brittle.

Solution: Use the right kind of conditioner.


Brittle hair is different from simple dry hair. Hair can be dry, but not brittle. Brittleness is the extreme and it can be due to various things. It could be hormonal, it could be due to styling products and tools, nutrition, stress, or any number of things. One thing that is a must is to make sure you are conditioning your hair with the right kind of conditioner. Many conditioners just sit on your hair. It may feel soft initially, but you know it’s not good if you hair is not changed from the first time you use it. The right kind of conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft, hydrated, and nourished. Look for conditioners that have these key moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, hazelnut and argon oils and Panthenol, which is a form of vitamin B5. Conditioning your hair regularly along with following the other tips in this article should help relive the problem.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

10. Problem: Balding

Solution: Take the right kind of supplements.

Most people shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. This is normal, but for some, this normal cycle is disrupted due to numberous causes. Baldness can be hereditary, it can be due to hormonal changes, a scalp infection, medications, or types of hair styles and treatments. Rule out nutrition by changing your diet to include more whole foods. Talk to your doctor about your medications. If it is due to stress, manage it with stress reducing lifestyle changes. Laser therapy, medications, wigs and hairpieces are solutions just to name a few. Another alternative is to take supplements that have been proven to grow hair. Biotin is one of the B vitamins (B7) that help to keep your hair, skin, nails, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy. It is a water-soluble vitamin meaning your body doesn’t store it, therefore it must be replenished daily. Deficiency of biotin is common in a modern society like America due to the consumption of processes foods, which lack nutrients. To get biotin naturally, you can get it by eating egg yolks, organ meats, cheese, legumes such as soybeans and peanuts, leafy greens, cauliflower, mushrooms, nuts and nut butters. You can also take it in supplement form.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

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When it comes to growing your hair fast, it’s good to consider all of the tips mentioned. Get regular physical check ups form your doctor, eat healthy, use hair products that have natural ingredients and make sure you supplement if necessary.

Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

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Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

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Hair Loss Solutions For Healthy Sexy Hair

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